Cupra Models without Timing Belt / Cam Belt

In this page you will find a list with all the Cupra brand models that have ever been sold, from the first generation to the newest one. Each model is classified by its chassis identifier, body, year and engine.

History of Cupra

Cupra is the sports brand of the Spanish manufacturer SEAT. The brand belongs to the Volkswagen Group AG and has existed since 1996 as a designation for some vehicles built by Seat. In 2018, it decided to launch itself on the market as a parallel brand to Seat, with its own logo and even models independent of Seat.

Cupra aims to position itself as a premium brand within the VAG Group, just as DS Automobiles is for Citroën (or rather PSA, now Stellantis).

The Cupra Formentor is the first vehicle by Cupra that does not share its name with Seat. This vehicle is a premium SUV Coupe that features a plug-in hybrid engine among other innovations. It is expected that Cupra will continue to innovate as it becomes more successful. One of the most anticipated cars is the Cupra Tavascan, a fully electric SUV designed under VAG’s MEB platform and that would enter the same segment as the Formentor as a crossover coupe with electric motor and zero emissions.

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