Mini Models without Timing Belt / Cam Belt

In this page we show you a list of Mini (BMW) models, depending on their timing system. They are classified according to their bodywork. This way it will be easier for you to find the vehicle you are most interested in.

In our list of cars with a timing chain, you’ll find are cars produced by Suzuki in the last few years: both ready-to-buy cars and also older models which can be purchased secondhand. In the few cases where a car model has maintained its name for a long time, these have been divided into generations. Next to each model you will see pictures so that they are more easily identifiable.

Supermini / Subcompact

Sports Car: Cabrio / Roadster / Convertible


Station Wagon & MPV

What’s the difference between a Mini One and a Mini Cooper?

You have probably seen the names One and Cooper in cars manufactured by Mini. What does it mean? These two names are repeated in all models the British brand has for sale, and tell us about the vehicle’s configuration.

The Mini Cooper is a very appealing, extremely well-known and apopular vehicle. But it can also be cost prohibitive, so BMW decided to offer an entry-level model when it acquired the British brand. And so the Mini One was born. A basic, but much more affordable option. Today there are One and Cooper versions of all models beyond the Mini Hatch, such as the Countryman or Clubman.

While the Mini One versions have simpler and more fuel-efficient engines, the Cooper versions have larger displacement engines, which translates in terms of power into more horsepower, more torque, better acceleration and higher top speed. On the other hand, there are also aesthetic differences in both the bodywork and the interior of the car. The Cooper offers a catalog with all customization possibilities, while if we buy a Mini One we must settle for slightly meager options, although being able to access a Mini while saving a significant amount of money is an advantage. Finally, the top of the range versions of Mini are called JCW or John Cooper Works. These are performance versions with maximum equipment and the best prepared engines of the brand, surpassing even the Cooper S versions.

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