Mitsubishi Models without Timing Belt / Cam Belt

In this page we show you a list of Mitsubishi models, depending on their timing system. They are classified according to their bodywork. This way it will be easier for you to find the vehicle you are most interested in.

In our list of cars with a timing chain, you’ll find are cars produced by Mitsubishi in the last few years: both ready-to-buy cars and also older models which can be purchased second-hand. In the few cases where a car model has maintained its name for a long time, these have been divided into generations. Next to each model you will see pictures so that they are more easily identifiable.

Supermini / Subcompact

Compact Car

Mid-Size / Sedan / Executive

Subcompact & Compact SUV / Crossover

Mid-Size SUV 4×4 & Off-Road

Minivan / MPV

Sports Car / Coupé / Cabrio / Convertible & Roadster

Commercial Van & Pickup

Once you click on a model, you’ll see the chosen car separated into its different generations. Each vehicle has been classified by chassis identifier, bodywork and year of manufacturing. Engines are classified according to their fuel system (petrol or diesel). This vehicle’s timing system, whether if it’s a timing belt or a timing chain, will show up in different colors:

■ Timing Belt / Cam Belt (Correa / Faja de Distribución)
■ Timing Chain (Cadena de Distribución / Cadena de Tiempo)
■ Gear Driven (Distribución por Engranajes)
100% Electric, No Timing (Sin Distribución)
Unknown / Not Updated (Información desconocida)

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