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The Dodge Challenger is a sports car manufactured by the American marque Dodge. The first version of this vehicle dates back to 1969, and the model has three generations to date.

The first generation was produced from 1970 to 1974 and was a pony car built on the Chrysler E platform. It had coupe and convertible versions. It shared major components with the Plymouth Barracuda.

The second generation was produced from 1978 to 1983 and was a version of the Mitsubishi Galant Lambda, an economical compact coupe. The Plymouth brand also sold a rebadged variant called the Plymouth Sapporo. In other countries, the car was marketed as Mitsubishi Sapporo or Mitsubishi Scorpion. This Challenger was sold until 1983, when it was replaced by the Conquest.

In 2008, Dodge decided to bring this model back, thus starting the third generation. This new vehicle was a two-door coupe. Although it was larger, it shared many aesthetic elements with the original Challenger. This vehicle is based on a modified version of the LX platform, shared with the Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300.

Starting in 2021, following Dodge’s absortion into the Stellantis conglomerate, it was announced that the Charger and Challenger would cease production after 2023, as the group prefers to focus on electric vehicles.

dodge challenger srt demon

Dodge Challenger. Timing Belt or Timing Chain?

Down below you will see a list with all Dodge Challenger models that have been produced. They are classified by model identifier, year and type of bodywork. Above each list, we show you a series of pictures so that you can have a visual reference for each model. In some cases, both the original and its updated design are displayed to help you identify them with ease.

In this guide you will find all Dodge Challenger.

■ Timing Belt / Cam Belt (Correa / Faja de Distribución)
■ Timing Chain (Cadena de Distribución / Cadena de Tiempo)
■ Gear Driven (Distribución por Engranajes)
100% Electric, No Timing (Sin Distribución)
Unknown / Not Updated (Información desconocida)

If a car model is specified in blue, it means its motor engine has a timing chain; that is, it has no timing belt. The rest of the vehicles marked in grey have a timing belt/cam belt.

Dodge Challenger III – Third Generation (2008)


Diesel Engines

There are no diesel-engined versions of the Dodge Challenger Coupe Gen 3.

Petrol Engines

  • EGG 3.5 253 CV (2008 – 2010)
  • ERB 3.6 309 CV (2011)
  • ERB 3.6 Flexfuel 309 CV (2010)
  • ERB 3.6 Flexfuel AWD 309 CV (2017)
  • EZH 5.7 377 CV (2008 – 2016)
  • EZC 5.7 381 CV (2010)
  • EZC 5.7 379 CV (2016)
  • ESF 6.1 SRT8 431 CV (2007)
  • ESF 6.1 SRT8 426 CV (2008)
  • ESD 6.2 SRT Demon 851 CV (2017)
  • ESD 6.2 SRT Hellcat 717 CV (2014)
  • ESD 6.2 SRT Hellcat Redeye 797 CV (2019)
  • ESG ESH 6.4 492 CV (m 09 – 2014)
  • ESG 6.4 SRT8 477 CV (m 01 – 2011)
  • ESH 6.4 SRT8 471 CV (m 08 – 2011)

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